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We are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2016, our company has evolved a step futher. Asset Protection Agency and The Bryton Companies have now merged into the one firm, named now as Asset Pros. We see this as an enhancement for our customers. You will still have the same location, the same phone numbers and the same great people working together to serve your financial and insurance needs.

Our story, which is a family story, began in 1987. It was then that Bryan Hughes and his partner, Dave Creighton Sr. took the “Bry” of Bryan and the “ton” of Creighton and formed the Bryton Companies. Their dream was to create a one stop insurance store where customers would have the expertise they needed in each area of insurance products sales.

The name of the property casualty agency was changed to Asset Protection in 2000 when Deb Pedrick, Bryan Hughes’ sister, purchased that part of the agency. Since then, Asset Protection and The Bryton Companies have housed together providing that one stop insurance store with professionals in every area of insurance product sales.

Now with this merger, our company, Asset Pros, has evolved into one of the premier financial and business resource-consulting firms in Iowa. We view our work with you as a partnership helping you in your insurance buying needs.

Asset Pros – that’s our job!

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